Articles of Association

The Breathworks Foundation is a registered charitable company registered with Companies House for England and Wales as a Company Limited by Guarantee, and registered with the Charity Commission

Registered Company No. 06890078   Charity No 1131851




The Breathworks Foundation

  1. The company's name is The Breathworks Foundation

  2. The company's registered office is to be situated in England

  3. The Company's object is to carry on activities that benefit the community of those who suffer from pain, chronic illness and stress (the community) and in particular (without limitation) to alleviate suffering and promote well-being by:
    • Facilitating and supporting research which benefits the community
    • Providing advice and support to those suffering with such conditions
    • Facilitating and supporting the training of health, education and other practitioners seeking to use mindfulness based activities to alleviate suffering and promote well-being
    • To promote the sharing of information and knowledge through the development, administration and promotion of the Foundation as a membership body serving the community of mindfulness practitioners

  4. In pursuance of those aims (but not otherwise), the company shall have the following powers:
    • To undertake research into mindfulness based activities
    • To raise money to provide training and research opportunities
    • To promote the use of mindfulness based techniques
    • To encourage the networking of mindfulness practitioners
    • To promote companies whose activities may further one or more of the above objects, or may generate income to support the activities of the company, acquire and hold shares in such companies and carry out, in relation to any such company which is a subsidiary of the company, all such functions as may be associated with a holding company.

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