Support Teacher Training

There is real need for Breathworks teachers in this country and abroad. We train health professionals and others. Demand is high but some people who would make excellent teachers are excluded because of the cost. The Foundation provides support through bursaries:

  • £640 will enable one person to attend our non-residential modular training programme.
  • £1200 will enable one person to attend a week long residential training programme
  • £3000 will provide a complete training programme for one person

If 40 people Gave £8 a month this target would be reached

Inspiring stories - a teacher

"I received a bursary to help me complete my Breathworks Teacher Training. I have had long-term health issues since birth and mindfulness has completely transformed my life, including losing seven stone in weight.

I now teach mindfulness to others including healthcare professionals. I can't express enough gratitude to the Breathworks Foundation and all those who donate".

Joy Reeves

Joy Reeves, Degenerative conditions

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