Leave a Legacy

It is never too soon to start thinking about how we can help improve the lives of those who follow us. Suffering of one form or another is a part of the human condition and this will be as true of the generations that follow us as it is for ourselves.

At Breathworks we know both experientially and through modern research, that mindfulness and compassion are powerful tools to ease this suffering.

By leaving a legacy to the Breathworks Foundation you will be helping to make the world a better place. You will be changing lives.

Deciding on who to leave your money and possessions to can be a big decision.

Make a provision in your Will to the Breathworks Foundation and you could ensure your wishes are fulfilled. We have the expertise and infrastructure to use your bequest wisely.

A legacy to the Foundation will gift many places on Breathworks participant and teacher training programmes, and help us develop a robust evidence base for our work. This will help encourage governments and health care institutions to embed mindfulness and compassion into society.

Contact us to discuss how your bequest could be used or for suggested wording in your Will.

Bequests so far have enabled us to greatly expand our bursary programme, such as that from Aryamati Kenyon.